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Bald Eagle, Haliaeetus lencocephalus
This magnificent bird has long been a symbol of strength and courage. Eagles depend on their extraordinary eyesight to hunt for their food. They will normally be seen near sea coasts, lakes and rivers, where fish are abundant. In this scene, use of a long telephoto lens sharply focuses attention on the bird, and blurs the water in the background. The characteristic white head and yellow bill are contrasted with the soft pastel colors behind. A sunny day brings out detail in the wing tips. Kodachrome Professional, 400mm lens, natural light.

Snowy Egret (breeding plumage), Egretta thula
Egrets love fish. They will stand motionless until they spot a likely snack, then dart, catch the fish with their beak, position the fish head first, and then slide it on down. Late afternoon sun adds interesting light on the bird, and turns the reeds golden. A medium aperture keeps most of the scene in focus, gradually blurring the background. Ektachrome, polarizing filter, 200mm lens, natural light.

Pileated Woodpecker, Dryocopus pileatus
The distinctive shape of the red crest on this woodpecker probably served as the model for Walter Lantz's "Woody Woodpecker". A telephoto lens isolates this bird on a branch in its coniferous forest habitat. The bright blue of the sky provides strong contrast to the bird's red crest. Kodachrome, polarizing filter, 200mm lens, natural light.

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